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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Card - sneak preview

Meet Sydney the Seahorse. He is a friend of Emma the Mermaid :)

Sydney and the foliage were coloured on the computer. The foliage is another project I am putzing with and eventually will have "worked out" LOL. I coloured the water with pencils and OMS. The background is a black and white doodle pattern I printed. I then coloured wavy lines in various oranges and yellows of soft pastels, then blended with a cotton ball. After, I sprayed with gold glitter spray ( aresol can ). The flower is from the Polka Dotty Flowers - Fred's Flowers v1 Edition B Pack

Oh I just want to squeeze Sydney and make him squeak LOL!

Fred hopes to have Emma the Mermaid and friends ready for the beginning of next week.

:)* Fred


Anita said...

Cute image! Cute card!

Mada said...

Please give him a squeeze (or three) on my behalf. :D

He is such an adorable character and the perfect friend for your wonderful little mermaid.

I love your background and I will try that technique as soon as possible.


Bon said...

Can't wait for Sydney, Emma and their friends, I have so many childrens cards to make and these will be perfect. Not that they are just for kids, I would love a card like this myself.

fabienne said...

it'so cute...

Anonymous said...

Wow tracey love the polka dot flowers and the little seahorse is so cute

Monica said...

Absolutely adorable! I can't wait to meet all of his friends!

Sonya said...

So Cute!!!! Looking forward to seeing all the friends!

Archana said...

Very cute card! I loved your blog. Ive added it to my favourite blogs' list.